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Welcome to the homepage of GamebaseST, a database front-end for Atari ST games! The single goal of The GamebaseST Project is to gather, collate, catalogue, preserve, and make available, the very best versions of all Atari ST games and other resources across the Web.

GamebaseST allows any game to be readily available to play in the emulator of your choice by just clicking on the game name, thus removing all the fuss of manually loading the emulator and game by hand. When you click a game, you get to see three or more screenshots of the game in action, along with options to play the game and listen to the game's music. Various fields in the Gamebase database hold information on the games, such as Publisher, Year Published, Musician, Developer, Genre, Number of players, etc.

There are numerous versions of many Atari ST games available on the web and in collections from the machines heyday. It is for this reason that the GamebaseST project will root out, and in many cases re-author, the very best versions of each game to offer the greatest gaming experience possible. We will also extract and convert manuals, tips, cheats, solutions, etc, from various ST disks and make them available directly from within Gamebase.
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Contacting Us:

There are two dedicated GamebaseST forums, one at the Atari forums and the other at the Gamebase forums. Please feel free to drop in and leave comments.

The forums are a great way to meet other GamebaseST and Atari ST users and to get help on various aspects of both. If you still need help then do not hesitate to contact us directly using the following email address:


Help Wanted:

We are always on the lookout for anything that can be added to GamebaseST, such as, games, boxscans, adverts, manuals, solutions, or anything else that is relevant to the project. If you think you can help then please let us know.

If you wish to join the team in some capacity, maybe you have a collection of games you can scan for us, or type in some manuals, or even help with this website's development, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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